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July 6, 2022

BMR Evening Alert!

Macro happenings…

July 4, 2022

BMR Evening Alert!

Resource sector business is so much easier on “The Rock”…

July 3, 2022

BMR Evening Alert!

Why the Newfoundland Salt Show is just beginning, and 5 Gold juniors on a discovery path…

July 2, 2022

Newfoundland’s Incredible Salt Riches (Part 1)

The price for Great Atlantic just took another leap…

Gold and Silver Updates

If you have confidence in the Biden administration and the Fed, stay away from Gold…

BMR Morning Alert!

Biden administration: We’ll have to endure high Gas prices for “the future of the liberal world order”…

July 1, 2022

Happy Canada Day!

Justin Trudeau and all so-called “Progressives”: Stop apologizing for our country, and our resource sector…

June 28, 2022

BMR Morning Alert!

The G7’s failed Russia strategy as Putin strengthens his resource grab…

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