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July 25, 2020

The Week In Review And A Look Ahead!

Why Silver should be trading at >$30 an ounce – and why it’ll get there during this 2nd half of the year…

Learn more in today’s Week In Review And A Look Ahead!

BMR subscribers have enjoyed market-trouncing returns through our boots-on-the-ground research and unbeatable technical and fundamental analysis of speculative niche sectors, with Sona Nanotech (SONA, CSE) being the latest example.  

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  1. from ceo.ca
    Hi guys, I’m just gonna share the below which I have shared with some associates / friends that have invested here or are considering it. Good Sunday morning all. One final communication before I get my popcorn ready for the upcoming week(s). Just to reiterate what I have conveyed with a little new info sprinkled in. There are several near term catalysts that will each and collectively be very accretive to the share price. They are as follows (not in any particular order as I’m not certain in what order they will be disseminated) FDA approval under EUA (emergency use authorization) SONA has worked hand in hand with the FDA during their whole development process. I strongly suspect it was under the FDA’s directive to use MRIGlobal to third party validate our ANTIGEN test. As I have conveyed previously that at the onset of this pandemic, the FDA fast tracked and approved many ANTIBODY tests that were not third party validated for test performance. They relied on the said companies claims of test performance. Subsequently, many of these tests have had their FDA approval revoked. The FDA has subsequently instituted heightened criteria for approval. Although we are third party validated by one of the premiere research labs in the U.S., they have asked SONA to perform infield studies of 30 negative test subjects and 30 positive test subjects. Our test was third party validated at 96.6% sensitivity and specifity which is unheard of. It will not surprise me and others to see that our field studies perform even better. SONA has submitted all required information that the FDA requires with the exception of the field test data. The company has provided guidance that these field tests will be complete by the end of July. Once done, info will be submitted to the FDA and the approval will be granted very quickly, likely within days. Our NASDAQ application and acceptance could literally be announced any day but likely still be a couple weeks away. By up-listing to NASDAQ, the Company aspires to gain new exposure and access to a larger base of retail and institutional investors in the United States and internationally. The Company believes that the NASDAQ is the world’s pre-eminent exchange for biotechnology and related companies. Management believes that the up-listing will bring significant value to the Company. There are 2 peer companies that have had their ANTIGEN tests approved by the FDA. Both tests are inferior to ours from a performance and detection perspective and neither are truly point of care (POC) tests as they require additional lab equipment for test results. Upon FDA approval, both of these companies recognized substantial increases in their market cap / valuations. Approx. $5-$10B USF. Keep in mind that both of these companies were listed on the NASDAQ at the time of their approvals. The NASDAQ uplisting and FDA approval are known and imminent catalysts. What is not known at this point and from my perspective the most intriguing and explosive catalysts will be existing orders and guidance provided by the company for manufacturing capacity scalability. The world desperately requires the test that we have and we will sell every unit that can be produced. We WILL be awarded funding from the Gates foundation “FIND” and we have been recognized by the Rockefeller Institute in their circular recommending $75B be allocated to the production of ANTIGEN test. Time is absolutely of the essence in getting as many of these tests to market as quickly as possible and funding will be readily available. On that note, it is completely within the realm of possibility that SONA scales to produce 10M+ test kits per week or 500M+ per annum. This is where it gets very interesting and more specifically, exciting. On a price to sales (P/S) valuation metric, the opportunity that this investment provides is truly staggering. Remember, we only have a paltry 60M shares outstanding of which approximately 24% is held by management and strategic ownership. By this virtue, you will see some wild Price gyrations but keep your eye on the endgame / prize. The industry average P/S multiple for Medical and Diagnostic companies is 8.57. Quidel’s again one of our closest peers is 18.01. (Both of these can be found on the first attachment below) Illumina, another biotech firm involved in the Covid testing space (on the NBI Index – The NASDAQ Biotechnology Index contains securities of NASDAQ-listed companies classified according to the Industry Classification Benchmark as either Biotechnology or Pharmaceuticals which also meet other eligibility criteria) has a P/S multiple of 15.61. Here is some simple math: 500M kits X $30 USF = $15B USF revenue 8.57 (P/S) X $15B = $129B or $2142.00 USF per share 15.61 (P/S) = $3902 USF per share 18.01 (P/E) = $4502 USF per share I would share some Price to Earnings (P/E) industry valuations but they would demonstrate even higher potential valuations and I’m not gonna go there. Guys, the crazy thing is, SONA is not a Covid play. They are a nanotechnology life science firm that has pivoted their proprietarily best in the world GNR international patent pending technology to the pandemic at hand. They will continue to do what they do best and bring other best in class diagnostic tests for all kinds of other ailments to market. There will be ups and downs go forward but the overall trajectory of this stock is UP. I really do hope that you fully understand the opportunity at hand and resist the urge to sell. This story will only get better with time and my endgame will be the day that SONA is taken out at a “I can’t even imagine” valuation at some point down the road. If you do find that you have that urge, please call me and I will talk some sense into you. Again, my Popcorn is ready!

    Comment by Jeremy — July 26, 2020 @ 11:29 am

  2. Jon, is that math plausible? 50 million tests would give us $200/share? I’d love to see it but I’m having a hard time wrapping my head around those numbers.

    Comment by Labrador — July 26, 2020 @ 12:58 pm

  3. Jon, CCW is touching a 3 week low currently, despite gold and silver prices going through the roof. A lot of rumour about a private placement but doesnt seem to be any confirmation from the company. Any idea what is going on?

    Comment by Al — July 27, 2020 @ 11:35 am

  4. All I know, Al, is that this is a heckuva steal right now given what Silver’s doing, the grade of the resource, and a ramped up drill program…rumors of overseas investors stepping in, may have something to do with strange trading in recent sessions…had gone from touching resistance to landing at support…astute traders will be jumping in here…love the volume…

    Comment by Jon - BMR — July 27, 2020 @ 11:40 am

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