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May 17, 2024

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(Got a question?  Please email us at: info@bullmarketrun.com). 

There is no service like BMR, anywhere, that specializes in covering the Venture, discovery opportunities and commodities markets like we’ve been doing on a daily basis since 2009!  

We are truly unique in the industry and we deliver profits for our subscribers thanks to a talented, proven team that knows the markets. 

Within just minutes for a small risk-free investment, you can start profiting immediately from this next leg up in the Venture market and gain unlimited access to all of BMR’s daily online content.

BMR became a subscriber-only service in late 2015 when we correctly predicted the start of a new Venture/commodities bull market by early 2016.

Our 2016 Top Opportunities List returned spectacular gains, including a 118% advance for our Top 50, soundly beating all markets.  Meanwhile, a series of ETF trade recommendations produced an average annualized gain of nearly 500%! 

We soundly beat the markets again in 2017 when BMR correctly called the 2 newest discoveries in British Columbia (Nickel Mountain and Saddle South) that made many subscribers fortunes!  In addition, BMR’s industry leading coverage of the Northern Ontario Cobalt Camp led to spectacular gains in multiple Cobalt stocks including our current favorite, Canada Cobalt (CCW, TSX-V).  

Approximnately 75% of our content is devoted to the resource sector while 25% is dedicated to technology and other sectors where we have delivered compelling research and exceptional recommendations.

Some services would charge you $2,000 or more to access those kinds of returns and the proprietary trading/investment strategies we have developed at BMR

Not only can you start a BMR Pro membership today for a fraction of what you can make from our proven strategies, but if you’re not 100% satisfied after your first 6 months – if you don’t think your Pro membership is one of the best investments you’ve ever made – we will refund your subscription payment in full, no questions asked.  That’s our 100% satisfaction guarantee for first-time subscribers, unmatched in the industry.  So you have nothing to lose. That’s how confident we are that as BMR continues to grow, you’ll never want to miss a day without 7 @ 7:00, additional features like Sunday SizzlerDaniel’s Den, Morning/Evening Alerts, Week In Review And A Look Ahead, the comments section, audio and video interviews, or one of our special research reports.

This site is a highly valuable due diligence tool intended for serious investors, including brokers, who follow the commodity markets and the speculative junior resource sector.  BMR features superior technical analysis and research you simply won’t find anywhere else.  

Important Notes:  You DO NOT require a PayPal account to sign up.  All major credit cards and debit cards are accepted.  If you have any difficulties with the sign-up process, which should take just a few minutes, email us at info@bullmarketrun.com and our administrator will be happy to assist you.

For ease of viewing, we advise using Firefox (preferably) or Explorer as your Internet browser for the subscription process.

BMR Subscription Levels & 6-Month Rates (CDN $)

No. Package
1 BMR Pro images $759 risk FREE for 6 months 
2 BMR Gold images $599 risk FREE for 6 months
3 BMR Basic images $399 risk FREE for 6 months 



More Words From Our Readers

“I have been following BMR daily for the last few years.  The BMR crew is dedicated, hard working, honest and very professional.  Their coverage of topics of interest like the Sheslay district is second to none.  BMR is also the best place for investors to share their thoughts on investments.Pat, Colorado Springs, Co.

“Not only that this site give you great instant daily snapshot of Gold, the Venture Exchange and markets in general, but these guys are leading the way in uncovering high quality junior exploration opportunities.”Martin, Laval, QC

“I find BMR very informative and insightful.  They bring amazing insights into the junior capital world.  I enjoy their views and ideas which are based on true experience and not just conjecture.  First thing I do at noon everyday is look for Morning Musings.” John, Toronto

“What I enjoy about BMR is learning about opportunities for 10-baggers or more and the quality of the posters – you can really learn a lot from others who visit the site.  And everyone is respectful of each other.”Greg, Southern California

Package Descriptions


  • Unlimited access to ALL BMR online content (including comments)
  • Exclusive “Sunday Sizzler” report each week
  • BMR eAlert premium package
  • Unique access to our team to ask questions about specific market situations
  • Risk-free, 100% satisfaction guarantee (first-time subscribers)

BMR Gold

  • Unlimited access to all BMR online content with the exception of “Sunday Sizzler”
  • Enhanced BMR eAlerts
  • Risk-free, 100% satisfaction guarantee (first-time subscribers)

BMR Basic

  • Access limited to 7 @ 7:00, Week In Review And A Look Ahead, and occasional additional postings
  • Limited BMR eAlerts
  • Risk-free, 100% satisfaction guarantee (first-time subscribers)


Fortunes are born at and near the bottom of cycles, and more than 85% was wiped off the value of the Venture from its May 2007 high to its January 20, 2016, intra-day all-time low of 466.

That’s why the timing could not have been better to have started this new phase of BMR in September 2015 as a subscriber-funded service that empowers investors, keeps us independent from the companies we cover, and allows us to:

  • Expand our commitment to our growing readership
  • Unveil new features and initiatives

At BMR, we’re convinced that current conditions, with the Venture trading around 700 and commodities in a slump, provide another “opportunity of a lifetime” for investors.

Part of the formula for money-making success includes getting your timing right, understanding the trends, and keeping mistakes to a minimum.

The other critical part, of course, is selecting the best speculative opportunities in these markets including those companies who are the rising new stars among explorers and producers.

We have the experience and by transitioning into a subscriber-funded service, we’ll have even more resources to save you time and help you succeed like never before, in both turbulent markets and rip-roaring bull markets.

Over the past 9 years, BMR has been a reliable and integral daily source of valuable information for a growing audience of investors. Our team, with decades of combined market and geological expertise, provides unique daily coverage of the Venture, key commodities, currencies and broader equity markets, and presents carefully chosen speculative exploration companies and smaller producers with the potential to post spectacular returns.  Importantly, we also feature an active and clean investor forum where BMR readers share ideas and learn from each other.

Investors in this fast-paced world are constantly bombarded on a daily basis with information and misinformation from a multitude of sources including the mainstream media and countless companies.

At BMR, we cut through the “fog” of the day to find the critical facts and lay out opportunities and risks in a simple, easy-to-read format.

This includes expert chart analysis, fundamentals and in-depth reporting that, in combination, you simply won’t find anywhere else as it pertains to commodities, the Venture, and specific junior exploration companies.

Valuable information that can literally pay for your BMR subscription with a single trade, and help you build a dynamic portfolio of junior resource stocks that can be the next 10-baggers as the market turns.

Learn more about BMR and please read our disclaimer by clicking here.

Additional Subscription Details

A BMR subscription is for 6-months’ service. For convenience purposes, subscriptions are automatically renewed after that period.  In the event you don’t wish to renew your subscription for another 6 months, please let us know within 2 weeks of the expiry date of your subscription and it will be cancelled after the 6-month period expires.  Otherwise, the automatic renewal will take effect.

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